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This page is for personal websites and trip reports about the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa area as well as other nearby regions of Mexico including Pátzcuaro. Other trip reports can be found on the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa Troncones Mexico Message Board.

If you'd like your personal website or trip report to appear here please contact the Webmaster..

 Betty Ann Bruno & Craig Scheiner - A fascinating, fun and entertaining account of how "Zihua beckons" with images and sounds of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa from their trip in February of 2006.

  Bravoland - Steve's a visitor to our town who caught the "Zihua Bug" and decided to DO something about it with a nice gallery of photos from his 1998 vacation.

 Cindy Lindahl's Zihuatanejo Trip Reports - A weblog with extensive reports, photos, helpful tips, and many details of Cindy & Gerry's vacations to Zihuatanejo and a few other places.

 Curly LaJolla's Zihuatanejo Trip Reports - Wonderfully detailed trip reports with photos covering several years of visits to Zihuatanejo back to 2001. Curly also includes trip reports by some of his friends.

red ball  Gayna's Yoga Classes - Gayna is a reknowned expert teacher of yoga and offers classes at La Ropa Beach here in Zihuatanejo with hotel packages. Get the stress out with Gayna as your guide!

  Ian Chadwick's Pages - Helpful voice of experience and local anecdotes.

 Roberto! & Wynn's Zihuatanejo Trip Report - Detailed reports with photos of several of their visits for different years, including side trips and a boat race. (¡Gracias, Curly!)

 Sparks Mexico - Excellent photos with travelogues of journeys throughout Mexico, Spanish language tools, Mexico weblogs, and country information.

  TheShroyers.com - Carroll and David put together a very complete trip report of their vacation in Zihuatanejo during the first week of June 2003.

  Zihuatanejo Fly Fishing - Doug (RIP) was a writer from Arizona who moved here with his wife a number of years ago, but he missed fly-fishing so much that he went through the trials and tribulations of learning how to fly-fish in Zihuatanejo's bay, making lots of friends among the local fishermen who at first thought he was crazy.

 Zihuatanejo Trip Reports - Curly & Roberto! post their photos and recollections of several trips to Zihuatanejo over the years going back to 2001.

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